A rant about technology

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Recently I posted my goals for this new financial year. Among them was a goal to keep up with technology! Mmmm…did I really mean that?

This rant comes about after receiving a letter from Telstra notifying me that there was a software problem with my phone! I put it aside for a few weeks hoping that it would disappear into “thin air”. I found it again today and decided to tackle it.

First I needed a USB to connect my phone to my PC – ok, I found that. Next I needed to check the model of phone and it code number – ok I found that too. Then I needed to download some specified software to my PC. I did that – twice (10 minutes each time) – as I had the phone connected the first time and it wouldn’t work.

Ok, everything seemed to be going alright. I had to register with the phone manufacturer and then with the software – another user name and password to remember. They wanted my date of birth, what I had for breakfast…

Meanwhile, a couple of hours later, running out of patience, I still couldn’t find the software to fix the problem with my phone – and I still haven’t! I decided to leave it for a while and then come back to it later.

Now, I love technology generally but it seems that every program I use wants the equivalent of my autobiography and it promises me the world in return. Even Facebook presented me with a new email and they want my phone number as well. I will have so many profiles on-line people will think I have multiple personalities at large!

It seems inevitable that I will need a phone that I use for multi purposes. I really only want it to talk to people and send the occasional text message. Does that make me old-fashioned? Will I be able to function in society without a phone that does everything, or will I get on the wrong side of the digital divide?

When travelling interstate recently I had to check in via a user kiosk that required some degree of familiarity with computers. I also had to electronically check my luggage in. I made a small mistake and was very relieved to see my luggage arrive at the same destination as I did!

And so, isn’t it great that all this technology makes our lives so much simpler 🙂



PS I bought a touch screen PC recently and I was delighted to draw on the screen with my finger. I used to do that in the sand when I was little 🙂