The ONLY way to travel…

Shannon airport building

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For me, travelling by car is my most enjoyable form of travel, providing it is a good car and I have a good driver (and some good music)!  For a long journey such as 500 miles (about 800 kilometers) I would prefer to do it over a couple of days.

I have driven 700 kilometers in one day on my own but with very little traffic on the road. I love to be able to stop and have a coffee at road houses along the way. In those short stops you get to glimpse a little about the people who live in that community – the locals. I often pick up a local paper and find out what are the hot issues of the day.

The other thing I like about travelling by car is the amount of “stuff ” I can take with me. I don’t have to be too concerned about my preparations for travel as I can always throw in something extra at the last-minute. It doesn’t matter if it stays in the boot the whole time and is not used.

 Compare this to flying and the need to be vigilant about what goes in the suitcase because of tightened security measures at airports. Then there is the weight issue with flying. On a trip to the UK in 2008 I bought a range of goodies to bring home. I didn’t think about having to carry them in my luggage for the rest of the holiday. When we flew from Bristol to Shannon Airport in Ireland I had to pay over $100 for excess baggage!

Given the distance from Perth, Australia to London the only way to travel is by a good airline with stop-over in Singapore or the like. Total travelling time is over 20 hours. First Class travel would be nice 🙂 in a trip like that.

There is something I like about the independence of car travel – being flexible and in control of your trip – unless, of course, there is a fuel strike!