Top ten lists – boring or awesome?

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When I am reading a magazine and don’t have much time, I love to read the short snippets of information contained in lists. I think it is awesome that a writer can cover a topic so exquisitely within ten points. It takes a real skill to do it well. So here’s my top ten list about why I think they are awesome!

1. Quick and easy to read and understand

2. They can capture a lot of info in one line if done skillfully

3. It makes me think if I agree or disagree

4. It pushes me to explore something at a deeper level

5. They are great for studying for exams because if I can remember the points made, then I am more likely to remember the information behind it

6. Lists can be used for facts, figures, wishes, dreams, scientific information etc – so they are very flexible

7. In writing a top ten list of my own, it gives me permission to prioritise what I think is important and therefore express something about myself

8. If the list is a synopsis of a bigger article, it enables me to get the overall view, the bigger picture, without having to read a long article. If I like the list I am likely to then delve into the subject more deeply

9. I love task lists when I have a lot to do. Once I have my list written down in priority order, I am able to feel on top of the tasks – it gives me a pathway to follow

10. In reading other bloggers top ten lists I learn more about them and what is important to them and I enjoy that 🙂




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