Am I too reliant on technology?

I am going away for a short holiday and I don’t know if the holiday accommodation has internet access. Yes, I am reliant on technology, but maybe I will manage without it for a few days…maybe?

I love to read the blogs daily, write my blogs regularly, check my email and check Facebook to see what is happening with my Facebook friends. If I don’t know the meaning of a word I go straight to google.

If I hear something on the news that I want to know more about, I go straight to the web. If I meet someone new, I sometimes check their names on google to gather some more interesting information about them.

If I am going somewhere I check out google maps and street view to make it easier to find the site. If I have an interesting dream, I check out its possible meaning on the Dream Dictionary online.

These are only a few of the things I do each day on the internet. How will I manage the next few days without it?

I will take my laptop with me just in case there is internet access.




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