To integrate means “to make whole or become complete; to bring (parts) together into a whole; to remove barriers…” Websters Universal English Dictionary. Integrity means “honesty, sincerity; completeness, wholeness; an unimpaired condition”.

Gail Sheehy in new passages: mapping your life against time (1995 – Ballantine Books), explores the “passage to the age of integrity” as we grow towards the sixties. She says that…”People who have met and mastered most of the passages and crises of life up to now are, by definition, resilient.” She also says how we gain the ability in any emotional crisis to control our first impulses and unruly feelings – self-mastery.

It is a great book and set me thinking about my life and where I am at now. The idea of being fully integrated has a lot of appeal. If only I could learnt to accept and love myself as I am, life could be much simpler.

I want to be one, within myself, to know my strengths and weaknesses, to not be concerned about “making a good impression”or worrying what others think. I would like to be free of the expectations I put on myself and the need to feel important.

In reflecting on my soul-searching in recent months, I can now see what is right in front of me – self acceptance! I will reflect on what I can change and learn to love what I can’t change.

Whether I am a partner, mother, grandmother, employee, a friend or neighbour, I want people to get to know me “as I am”. I wish to integrate all those different parts of the whole and learn to love and accept the person who I am.  

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