Month: August 2011

Twelve wishes for all children

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What a wonderful world it  could be if all children knew and experienced the following traits from their parents, extended families and schools: 1. Know they are loved just as they are – it is not about what they are good at, but just because they ARE. 2. Resilient – life can throw lots of things in their paths and they need to be able to bounce bank every time. 3. Respect others and know respect in return. This […]

Weekly photo challenge – UP

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Once again WordPress presented me with a challenge to produce a photo which signifies the word “up”. I thought about the sky, the clouds etc but that wouldn’t do. The above picture is the Australian flag flying at the centre near my residence. Here are some facts about the Australian National Flag 1. It is Australia’s foremost national symbol 2. The Union Jack in the upper left hand corner tells of Australia’s historical links to […]

Western Ringtail Possum

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The Western Ringtail Possums in my local area are facing a battle to survive. Each year approximately 200 possums need rehabilitation. They are under threat due to increasing development and subsequent demise of their habitat. Earlier this year I worked alongside a group of dedicated people who give up their time and expertise to provide aid for injured or orphaned possums. They also try to raise public awareness about the possums and also lobby for their habitat to be protected. I assisted […]

When is it ok to lie?

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Emus don’t lie I value honesty very highly and try to be honest consistently. However, there are times I say things that I don’t truly believe. I don’t like getting into arguments with people as I don’t enjoy conflict, so I just go along with the conversation and keep my opinions to myself.  This could be interpreted as lying by omission. If the subject of conversation is something I feel strongly about, such as, racism or […]

Women and war…

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Let me start by saying that I am a pacifist. I believe, in the 21st Century we could find better ways to resolve conflict and not by killing each other. That said, I believe if women are to be in the armed forces, they should have opportunity to take on any role that men now undertake. I don’t think an affirmative action strategy is necessary – it should be skills based, as it should be in all careers. When […]

Disentangling the past

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I am, who I am today, due to all my past experiences, my genetic makeup and how I choose to think today and act today. I try not to judge myself too harshly for the successes and failures along the way. The reality is that I did the best I could with what I knew then. That is all we can do. Once I can accept that reality I am free from the past. The freedom […]

I want my eulogy to say…

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This is an alternative response to an earlier WordPress topic about “What do I want my tombstone to say?” – I’m not planning on going there for some time yet! I chose the eulogy, rather than the tombstone, so I can use more words 🙂 I would sincerely hope that the following ten points would be included: Lorraine is remembered for: 1. Being a courageous person 2. Having a good sense of humour 3. Maintaining a calm state in a crisis 4. Loving deeply and faithfully 5. Caring about the disadvantaged in society 6. […]