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I want to write today but can’t think of anything profound to say. So, I decided I will write about my ordinary day today.

I had the alarm set for 7.30am to make sure I was ready for my 8.30am dentist appointment. I woke early so got up early and put the heater and the kettle on.

I had my usual breakfast of weetbix, bran, mango and greek yogurt with milk, plus two cups of long black coffee. I was showered and ready to leave home at 8.00am. I drove my Hyundai Getz into town and arrived early at the dentist, filled in the forms and waited to be called. Like most of us, I don’t really like going to the dentist 🙂 however I am pleased to report my teeth are in good shape after a clean and polish.

I came back home for a short break before setting off to do the weekly shopping. It was quiet and peaceful at the shops – just the way I like it. I managed to avoid getting caught in the rain. I lashed out and bought some bananas today – I got 8 bananas for $10! We haven’t had any for ages because they are so expensive due to a shortage due to floods and cyclones that damaged crops.

I came home once again – I stopped to check my mail and said hello to my next door neighbour. The mail wasn’t very interesting but no bills – so that’s good. Once I had unpacked the shopping and put everything away I prepared some lunch for my partner and me – sandwiches with some lovely fresh bread.

After lunch I spent some time on my computer. I prepared a flyer to send to some of my networks to promote my new website that can be found at and then I sent it out by email. It felt good to get that done. I much prefer to communicate via the computer these days than face to face networking.

Afterwards I added a few more recipes to my blog. I have some from the 1930’s and I am going to put my Mum’s favourite recipes and some of my economical ones from when money was short. That was fun to get that started. It is partly to learn more about how my blog site can be used – there is so much to learn.

My next task was to make some pumpkin soup. Looking at the recipes inspired me into action. I cooked it in the pressure cooker as it is much quicker. I added some herbs from the garden and some sweet potato. It turned out lovely. I would love to add some cream but I will resist!

That brings my day up to NOW where I am writing my blog. Once my blog is done I love to read other people’s’ in the Post A Day tags. I can spend ages doing that. I feel like I have come to know lots of people all over the world. Amazing, isn’t it?

A little later I will become a couch potato and watch the news etc on TV. I am so pleased to hear that Washington has gone some way to resolve the financial problems. A lot of people have been very worried about it and the potential instability in the world as a result.

At some point I will prepare an evening meal and relax and enjoy myself. I will probably pop back to my blog a few times to see if anyone has read it and left me some comments. I hope so – it makes my ordinary life much more interesting.

thanks for reading about my day



  1. HI Lorraine, i’ve just caught up again on your blog. i do love reading about your life:) couldn’t get the new blog to work either.
    Must look at the recipes you’ve posted, a lot of my fave ones are the ones my mum has passed down from her mum too. which reminds me, i need to get some lamingtons made to introduce Alanna to them:)

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