Do it anyway! Don’t worry about the FEAR!

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WordPress suggested I might like to write about my three biggest responsibilities! That got me thinking. I could be clever and say “bringing up three sons” – THE END

Yes, being a parent is a big responsibility for sure.  When my first son was born (I was 21 yrs old) I proudly brought him home in his red and white carry basket; placed it on the kitchen table and said to my husband, in terror … “what am I supposed to do next?”  

It got easier with sons two and three but still daunting. When I was 30 I found myself alone with the three boys (18 months, 4 years and 8 years). That was tough but we survived and they have turned into good-looking, stable young men who I am very proud of today.

A funny situation when I was living in the Pilbara and a Shire Counsellor at the time, I was asked to sit on a local Rugby Tribunal. Now, I know nothing about rugby (even if it should have a capital R or not). They assured me it wasn’t necessary as there were others on the panel with those skills. No one told me that it was a really volatile situation and that I may get rocks thrown through my window if I supported the “wrong”side. I bailed before that could happen (those guys were REALLY big and strong).

A responsibility I really enjoyed as a Councillor was performing the Australian Citizenship Ceremonies. That felt like a great privilege and a real joy!

Work responsibilities seemed big at the time – their importance can get all out of proportion when one is in the midst of the drama. Also, working for government, if something goes really well, praise and recognition goes to the Minister; if it goes badly there is always someone else to blame 🙂

I am not one to chase after lots of responsibilities – I usually stand back and let others take the lead. If no-one comes forward, then I may consider getting involved.

cheers for today


6 thoughts on “Do it anyway! Don’t worry about the FEAR!

    • Thanks for your thoughts and for visiting my blog! I DID lose it at times however I knew they were reliant on me alone and I couldn’t give in! I always tried to show them that I loved them even though I didn’t always get it right.

      Good luck with your two lads! I have two grandsons now, 1 year and 3 years – delightful 🙂

  1. Responsibilities.. They really do help us grow, don’t they 🙂 hope your sons are still doing well, it’s always nice when they have someone who will always love them

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