Calling on “baby boomers”

Are you retiring soon or thinking of retiring? Or are you just reflecting on what lies ahead of you? I am really interested to hear from you about what your major concerns are as you look towards retirement and the inevitability of getting older.

I am considering developing some workshops for people in this age group ie 50+. If you have gone through, or are going through the phase of elderly or unwell parents, it can become an overwhelming and depressing time. Have you ever thought “Is this all I have to look forward to?”

I want to find out what are the important factors in ageing well. I expect that good health and financial security are a good start. But what does “financial security” really mean? Some people can live on around $15,000 per year whereas some others couldn’t do it on less than $70,000 per year.

How do we plan for our retirement when we don’t know how long that will be for? So many times I hear people say “If only I knew how long my money had to last!”

And then  the problem of “who am I if I am not working” now that I cannot define myself by my job. This can be a real-time of identity crisis. What can be done to aid people (us) through this period in a more positive way?

I am meeting with another woman in about a week’s time to discuss these ideas (she has just undertaken some work for the local council to identify what seniors want in their community). I figure that if these questions are important to me, then it’s fair to assume they may ring true for other baby boomers as well. I would greatly value

the times are changing

your opinion please.

Please feel free to just send me one or two points that you think are important. Alternatively you can disagree with the idea that anything needs to be done.

Thanks, in anticipation


5 thoughts on “Calling on “baby boomers”

  1. Lorraine,

    In my opinion, a lot of baby boomers don’t want a full retirement, just the ability to have flexibility and work at something they feel really matters. It may be volunteer work or for profit, depending on their situation.

    For a lot of us, of course finances are a concern. In addition to that, there is the fear of being left behind. We need to get boomers up to speed with technology, because it can keep us connected. In addition, those of us with expertise to share can starting promoting our experience.

    Social media is a game changer, Linkein, Facebook, and yes even Twitter can make a difference. I know that a lot of us are leary of it, and don’t really understand it, but hey, we all learned email.

    I discovered my passion is to help other boomers understand the beauty of WordPress that makes it possible for people to have an affordable website. I had no tecnology experience a couple of years ago, but I am living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks. I say to my peers, “Come on in, the waters fine!”

    I will conclude with the fact that using technology gets us connected and makes it possible to learn a miriad of things.

  2. OK, I might be a little early in answering this, but I do have a (part-time) day job and look forward to quit, so I thought I’d jump in! 😉
    I’m “only” (almost) 46, but I’ve already made a plan and went the indie publishing way, hoping that by 50th birthday (2015) I’ll be able to live off my royalties – and I don’t need to sell millions because I’m used to a “modest” income. So as long as I reach those 5000 readers (out of how many English speaking people on this 7billion humans planet?), I’ll probably reach my goal.
    But I have colleagues who wouldn’t know what to do with their lives if they had to retire. My mum was an early retired (with a special law back in the 70s, she was like 30 when she retired from teaching) and she found many things to do. Dad was kind of at loss at the beginning, but now he has found his own retired ways…
    Happy retirement! 🙂

    • Hi Barb

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on retirement. I appreciate your feedback.
      Good luck in reaching your goal. I had a look at your site and looks great. You have a lot of creative talent!

      best wishes

  3. Retirement is not on my mind at all; just can’t imagine it… but your ideas are good ones and could benefit those who are share the same concerns… All the best. 🙂

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