How important is it?


Here is a list of some of the thoughts that help me live a positive life . They are like tools that sometimes get me out of tricky situations.

1. How important is it? This one is a good leveler and helps me see things in their proper perspective. The next is similar.

2. Imagine looking back to the current situation 5 years ahead…will it be up there with the most important decisions in my life?

3. The Serenity Prayer – all about accepting the things I cannot change and changing the things I can.

4. People are always more important than things. Things can mostly be replaced but people cannot.

5. Do it now – if there is something to be done, then what is stopping me from doing it straight away?

6. If I appreciate and look after what I have now, there will be a positive flow back to me in the future. If I am neglectful and ungrateful with what I have now, I cannot expect to be rewarded with more in the future.

7. Be quiet and keep breathing – no one will know how crazy I feel inside 🙂

8. Don’t hold on to people or things too tightly. Be open to letting go and letting be.

9. It is really important to let others know that I love them. They need to know now and often. Love isn’t just a beautiful feeling – show it by how I act and speak with those I love.

10. I can’t make anyone love me and I can’t fix anyone by loving them. I may have a script for how life should be but I have no control over other people, places or things. Go with the flow and accept what is.

An extra one – Never rely on technology alone to communicate with others! It is not a perfect science!