All About Words W.A.

It took me a long time to think of a name that encompassed all the different aspects of my interest in writing – All About Words WA (ie Western Australia) fitted the bill and I registered it as a Business Name. When it came time to choosing a name for my blog it was the logical choice.

Today I changed the theme of my blog from Coraline to ChaoticSoul. It is great to get access to these opportunities through WordPress.

I do like change. It gives me a fresh start, even a bit of anonymity for a little while however I do admire people who stay living in the same house or town forever and have a distinct and recognisable image/style of who they are.

 I like to keep re-inventing myself in little ways, hence the new theme in my blog today. It gives me permission to do things differently than what is expected of me 🙂

I hope you like the new look!




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