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I shudder when I hear that word – toxic! It has taken on so much power and so much rubbish is said and written about it.

At various work locations there will always be someone who says that it is a toxic environment. It is almost like there is a invisible poisonous chemical in the air and it is slowly killing us! I don’t dispute that some work-place feel like that, but, let’s get things into perspective. It speaks of victim mentality.

Then there is the alternative health industry that makes millions out of convincing us that our bodies are toxic! So much so, that the toxicity is dangerous to our health and we need to buy and use their products.

I cringe when I hear the word toxic – I admit to using it myself sometimes, but I think we need to think a little more deeply about our environment and our bodies.

I don’t deny that there are toxic chemicals in parts of our environment, but surely they can’t be found in every office in the country! I also acknowledge that some people have a heightened sensitivity to chemicals and it can make them ill.

In over 20 years working in government offices there was always someone who thought the building was making them sick. Maybe they were just unhappy in their work and need to blame it on something outside of themselves. Maybe I am wrong?

OK – I am ranting my opinion out loud tonight. Please give me your opinions and experiences and I may come see it differently.

good wishes 🙂



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