If I was a dog…

It would be delightful to be a well-loved canine! Here are ten things I will enjoy:

1. No need to set goals for my future

2. Good-bye to shopping for the groceries

3. I can eat too many yummy things and not worry that my clothes won’t fit me

4. I don’t have to make a career choice or be concerned about being unemployed

5. No more worrying about the meaning of life.

6. Politics won’t impact on me at all (unless there are too many austerity measures 🙂 )

7. I know you will love me if I am loyal and a good listener.

8. No more cosmetics or worrying about wrinkles and old age.

9. Nothing will embarrass me anymore.

10. My needs are simple: shelter, food and lots of love!

Cheers for now