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Reading other  people’s blogs really enriches my life. Since January 2011, I have “met” some wonderful, interesting, intelligent, witty and wise bloggers from all parts of the world.

I love to read about the politics in the US. It is so different hearing the opinions of people in situ and not the nightly news. I have also enjoyed hearing about your Spring and Summer as I listen to the wind and rain here in Australia. It gets me thinking about travel and how much of the world I haven’t seen.

I have met bloggers who seem to really understand where I am coming from. We have a similar philosophy, the same anxieties and perhaps, similar life experiences. We live; we grieve sometimes; and we grow through our challenges.

Sometimes I read blogs that are SO different to mine – and that diversity is wonderful too.

I follow some blogs in the UK as well and it was valuable to get different perspectives on the recent riots in London and other parts of the UK. I have also enjoyed your Spring and Summer, especially some of the great photos of flowers and gardens.

I also read blogs from Japan, Korea and Malaysia. It gives me a rare insight into the cultures in these places  and the chance to meet some fascinating people as well.

Each day, my life is enriched through this blogging experience. So please, keep on blogging! We are part of the global community and learning about each others’ lives and experiences has to be good for humanity. 

Thank you