Day: August 18, 2011

My favourite poem

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My favourite poem is by Andrew Marvell, written in 1681 and is called “To His Coy Mistress“. It is found in the Norton Anthology of Poetry, Third Edition. I came across it while doing some units in an English Literature degree. I really fell in love with this poem. I spoke to my lecturer about it and discovered it was also his favourite. For some reason I felt validated by that 🙂 I hope you […]

Kisan Baburao Hazare’s battle against corruption (via Lazy Optimist)

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This article is very interesting and well written. cheers Lorraine The most hottest topic in India now "Anna Hazare's crusade against corruption". Be it Facebook,Twitter,News this topic is bound to pop up. The recipient of  the prestigious Padma Bhusan award has done something very few Indians would ever dare to. He managed to unite the people of India and stand against the Government. His vision "a corruption free India".  We see this happen only in […]