I want my eulogy to say…

A grave-yard in County Clare in Ireland 2008 holidays

This is an alternative response to an earlier WordPress topic about “What do I want my tombstone to say?” – I’m not planning on going there for some time yet! I chose the eulogy, rather than the tombstone, so I can use more words 🙂

I would sincerely hope that the following ten points would be included: Lorraine is remembered for:

1. Being a courageous person

2. Having a good sense of humour

3. Maintaining a calm state in a crisis

4. Loving deeply and faithfully

5. Caring about the disadvantaged in society

6. Could always be relied upon to keep her promises

7. Being honest

8. Willing to work hard to do what she wanted for herself and others

9. Being diplomatic in difficult situations

10. Being loyal to her friends

As I wrote this, I thought it sounded like a job application! Maybe there is a selection criteria for getting into Heaven :-). Will they ask for references as well?