Women and war…

Let me start by saying that I am a pacifist. I believe, in the 21st Century we could find better ways to resolve conflict and not by killing each other.

That said, I believe if women are to be in the armed forces, they should have opportunity to take on any role that men now undertake. I don’t think an affirmative action strategy is necessary – it should be skills based, as it should be in all careers.

When we look at gender defined roles we open ourselves up to generalising, such as comments like “men are stronger “, “women are more emotional”, we are making a pre-judgement and are likely to be biased.

What are your thoughts? Please take the poll on this page.


6 thoughts on “Women and war…

    • Hi Elizabeth – thanks for your comment on my poll – my thoughts exactly. I really wanted to test out how the polling aspect of WordPress works – I may use it again at a later date. So far there is only one vote against women’s involvement and the rest in favour.


  1. Sometimes it can cause all sorts of problems! I’ll never forget one operational tour in the eighties… the ATC was a rather pretty lady. At that stage the South African military would only allow women to serve in the safety of the bases in the operational area. Ladies were in a massive minority so there was a tendency to cause heads to turn! Worse still… we, the flying lot, were subject to a rather sexy voice on each radio communication. I don’t have to go into too much detail. The lady didn’t try to act differently… it just was the way it was! Needless to say, just hearing her voice caused hot-blooded men to long for home even more!

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