Month: September 2011

Red dirt and Iron Mountains – Living in the Pilbara

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In 1988 I met and married a man from the Pilbara region of Western Australia. He worked as a driller for Mt Newman Mining Co. which later became BHP Billiton, based in the township of Newman. Newman is within the East Pilbara Shire which covers an area of 378,533 square kilometres. The region is known for its rich mining and pastoral industries. It also takes in parts of the Gibson and Great Sandy Deserts and the historic […]

Do we go to work as a refuge?

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Around the globe there are millions of people going to work every day and night. Why? (apart from the money we need to survive) How many of these people actually enjoy their work? How many people are stressed, anxious or depressed about their jobs? When  I first joined the workforce at seventeen, I felt quite distressed about the impact it was having on me. I went to see a doctor because I couldn’t understand what was […]


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Today I reflected on the meaning of listening, “to try to hear, pay attention, take heed”. To do this I first needed to quiet my own mind. I had to take the focus of myself and listen to what was going on around me. I met lots of new people and made an effort to remember their names. Sometimes I had to ask twice because I forgot to listen the first time. I can get […]

The number 3

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 Wordpress topic on 22 September 2011 Step 1: Pick a number from 1 to 10. Step 2: Now think of something interesting in your life, or that you’d like to have in your life, related to that number. For example, if you picked 6, tell me about your favorite kind of beer (which come in packs of 6). I have chosen number 3. There are three sides to a triangle and there are unlimited types […]

I would like to anonymously send someone a gift

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 I have a girlfriend that doesn’t have email. This means that the only time we catch up is by phone once every few months. We don’t live in the same town. My friend is on a disabiliity pension and is reluctant to spend her pension on paying for an internet server, a computer and new software. I would like to buy her an up to date computer, with all the latest software and pay all her […]

Peace in our time…

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Today WordPress ask us bloggers to write on the topic, Do you think peace in the Middle East is possible? That question is way toooo big for me to even contemplate! I have thought about peace (being a pacifist and anti-war) so I do have some thoughts to put forward. 1. We need to love and respect ourselves and have compassion for self  2. When we can experience peace within we can give thought to […]

Weekly photo challenge – faces

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I will never forget these faces – they are my three sons – and I love them very much! Related articles Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces II ( Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces.. ( Weekly Photo Challenge ( : Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces (

Changing habits

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Changing habits is a life-long process for me and I often fight against it. I must be single-minded in my pursuit of change. Being indecisive is not a good place to be. I used to be a heavy smoker. I boasted that I was good at giving it up as I did it so often :-). I am pleased to say that I haven’t smoked for over ten years now. I gave them up “cold turkey”. There are […]

Write a story by finishing this sentence…

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 I told him where I was going, and he hurried me out, pointing to the door with the gun, but what he didn’t know was…I had practised this scene in my mind many times before today. I knew he had a gun, however, I knew he would never harm me, as I was too important to him. I was the only one who knew exactly where the diamonds were. If anything happened to me, they would […]

Procrastination, hang on, wait a minute…

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Sometimes I don’t start writing my blog because I don’t feel inspired or excited enough about what I want to say, so I leave it to come back to later. Then I remember my core committment is to write often just so that I am getting some practise. An expression I love, that helps me get started, is “if something is worth doing, it is worth doing badly, for starters :-)” Sometimes I feel that […]