An impulsive moment

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I was at work in the office in Perth. It was pre-Christmas 2002. I rang a colleague to remind him about a meeting the following week. He responded, “I will be gone by then!” He took me by surprise as I didn’t know anything about him leaving his job in the Goldfields/Esperance Region.

He was taking 12 months leave without pay to follow his passion and work on a breakfast radio program in Kalgoorlie. He did volunteer work there and loved it. They offered him a paid job and took it with both hands.

My next question was, “Who is going to do your job? ” No-one was appointed at that stage. He suggested I ring the boss if I was interested, and I was. I got on the phone to Larry (the boss) and expressed my interest in doing Steve’s job for 2003. He was agreeable – great news!

I threw in another request, “Can I live in Esperance (and not Kalgoorlie)  and do the job. He said he couldn’t see why not. Within the space of one hour, I found myself agreeing to be transferred 700kms south-east of Perth to beautiful Esperance.

We agreed I would start in the new job in February 2003. I had to find some office space and some accommodation. I still had two of my sons living with me in Perth so they agreed to stay on and rent the house from me.

So in February 2003 I started my adventure working in the Goldfields/Esperance Region of WA. It was a quick and impulsive decision, but one of the best I have ever made. I had a great time and covered 30,000kms in driving in the region in 12 months.

I lived on my own after sharing with my three sons for many years. I could choose what music I listened to; I had full authority with the remote control; the house stayed tidy all the time; I could enjoy the silence; and I only had to cook and shop for me.

My base was in Esperance and I travelled to Salmon Gums, Norseman, Kalgoorlie, Coolgardie, Boulder, Menzies and Laverton . I met some great people and saw some incredible parts of outback WA, dotted with mining communities.

I wonder what surprises are ahead for me this year!



One thought on “An impulsive moment

  1. What a brilliant move and time to be with yourself. Some years ago, I moved to California for my company too and had the same arrangement. It was the most exhilarating growth time in my life and the memories remain good ones. 🙂

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