Day: September 4, 2011

My Favourite Songs

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Today WordPress asked us to write about our favourite ten songs. That should be easy enough? No….it definitely wasn’t easy. I stopped counting as I didn’t want to leave any out. The songs included come from our karaoke song list and includes many that I enjoy singing and listening to. 1. Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd 2. Perhaps Love by John Denver 3. Blanket on the Ground by Billie Jo Spears 4. […]

Weekly photo challenge – pathway

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Pathway to the beach I enjoy a walk, and living so close to the beach, it is very inviting to follow the pathway to the beach at Geographe Bay, Indian Ocean off the coast of Western Australia. As I child, I lived a long way from the beach, so it was always exciting to see the ocean, and I really value living close to it today. I love the serenity of the waves rolling in and out. Geographe Bay is also a wonderful […]