Job Interview Outcome and today’s blog…

The tree-fern just outside the gym is a pleasant sight

For those who saw my previous two blogs, I can tell you today that I was successful in winning the job I had applied for! I am really happy about that outcome. They called me back for a second interview and I was able to make use of my reflections following the first interview. They rang this morning with the good news 🙂

Today’s blog – Exercise

In one week tomorrow, my son is getting married to the love of his life and we are all very excited about it. What has this to do with exercise, you might ask? Well, a lot, when you consider I had put on 3 kg since I had last tried on the wedding outfit. I even went out and bought another dress, just in case I couldn’t fit into the other one. (I can now wear the other one to my new job!)

I considered my options and decided to test the theory that if I burn more energy than what I consume, I would, in fact, lose weight! I heard this theory decades ago but it wasn’t a very inviting option as I would have to get up and do something physical! 🙂

At the complex where I live, there is a mini-gymnasium. I decided three weeks ago to watch my diet and do half an hour’s exercise each day. Would you believe that I am actually enjoying it? Not only that, I have lost the weight and now fit into the lovely dress that was kindly lent to me by a good friend.

Now, I don’t make any  promises that I will continue using the gym, but you never know, I may find it habit-forming.

All for now