Weekly photo challenge – texture


Texture  – the characteristic  appearance, arrangement or feel of a thing.

Many years ago my Dad worked at a quartz mine. He brought these samples of crystal home as he believed they might bring him good luck. When he passed away I acquired them and they have a special space in my office. Dad was not the superstitious type and I was always amazed that he thought these stones were lucky!

The treasure chest is in my office as well. It is the box I will grab if I ever have to leave the house in an emergency. There are lots of sentimental items inside, such as  my sons baptism outfit and some gifts my lads made for me at school – precious.

treasure chest














A lovely broach a friend gave me.

Owl brooch


Prayer book












A child’s prayer-book.

Photo of Alex






A beautiful frame also given to me as a gift. Alex looks like he is hiding in the bushes!


Until next time…