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This Saturday, as mother of the groom, I am to make a speech at my son’s wedding. I haven’t ever done this before so I am thinking through what I might say.

Will I mention that even from a very young age, he has been very tidy and organised? When he was about 6 months old he would sit up on the carpet and pick up tiny pieces of lint as though he was making a comment on my house-keeping 🙂

He was a really good sleeper as a baby. For example we moved house once while he was asleep in his cot. I picked him up (he didn’t wake up) and held him in the removal truck and when we reached our destination I was able to put him back in his cot and he kept sleeping. Amazing!

One day we were out walking and I was pointing things out to him. I spotted a beautiful, emerald-green beetle and called for him to look. He took one quick look and then stamped his foot on the beetle and flattened it into the road. I wonder if he has come to love beetles more today.

Another family story is that once we were moving house (again) and he was away on a school trip. We found out about the move just before he went on the trip but we didn’t mention it to him. The move happened smoothly in his absence. When I arrived a week later to collect him from the bus after their excursion I couldn’t find him anywhere. I had the time wrong and the bus had arrived earlier than I anticipated. His teacher kindly offered to drop him off at home but, when she got there and looked in the windows, it was a vacant house! We did catch up with them shortly afterwards. We thought it might be a nice surprise but it didn’t work out as expected 🙂

My son is the second of three boys – the middle child. He is so different in temperament to his brothers. We had a few turbulent times through school and teenage years as all parents do. It is only recently that I realized how much he is like me in many ways. It is funny that I couldn’t see it before.

Once I was asleep in bed and he came into my room at about 1.00am to tell me I needed to take him to the hospital. That soon woke me up. The story went that he had fallen over and hit his head on the ground. He was bleeding quite a bit and obviously needed some stitches. I didn’t ever really find out what happened that night. We got him stitched up and brought him home again. He had a few bumps on the head over the years.

Then there was the fire! My dog work me up at about 3.00am by barking loudly. I looked out the back window to discover my garage was on fire. The first thing I did was call out for my second son to help out while I called the fire brigade. He was out of bed in a flash and had actually put the fire out before the fire engine arrived. He is great in an emergency and I was very grateful for that.

So what else do I say in my speech? I do want to welcome my new daughter-in-law into the family. They have been together for over seven years. I am so happy that they are getting married and hope that Saturday is a really wonderful day for them. I love them both very much and wish them a magical future together.

Even though divorced, I still love that marriage isn’t going out of fashion. I hope they will continue to be happy together for many years.

So, did I miss anything out? What else is the mother of the groom meant to say on a day like this?

That’s all for now, I’d better get working on the speech 🙂