Write a story by finishing this sentence…

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 I told him where I was going, and he hurried me out, pointing to the door with the gun, but what he didn’t know was…I had practised this scene in my mind many times before today. I knew he had a gun, however, I knew he would never harm me, as I was too important to him.

I was the only one who knew exactly where the diamonds were. If anything happened to me, they would never be found and his dream could never become reality. The first time he shared his dream with me was when I was twelve years old. He said he would buy me anything I wanted and we would live in luxury for the rest of our lives. As I got older, his dream never waivered. He promised me that one day our lives would change forever.

As I got older, I moved away and had dreams of my own, I forgot about those promises. They were just the fantasy of an old man. My life went on and I forgot about him too. That was until last year when he found me once again. There was a fondness between us, probably based on the fantasy that we once shared.

I first found out about the diamonds when he gave them to my mother as an expression of his love for her. She was moved by his kindness but was too loyal to my father to keep the gift and wanted to give them back to him but he refused to take them. I sneaked into her room and stole the diamonds and hid them in a secret place. Nothing more was said about them as they were a secret anyway. My father must never know about them. I had done them all a favour by making them disappear.

He tracked me down and called me on the phone. I agreed to meet him at the hotel where he was staying. I didn’t expect him to have a gun and to look so wild eyed and desperate. I hardly recognised him. He told me to go and get the diamonds and that’s when he pushed me towards the door. I knew it was time to return the diamonds but it was much too late, for both of us, for the fantasy to ever become reality now.





    • Thanks Maggie. That was the first bit of fiction I have written in a long time. I love blogging but I enjoyed the chance to tell a story for a change.


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