Peace in our time…

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Today WordPress ask us bloggers to write on the topic, Do you think peace in the Middle East is possible?

That question is way toooo big for me to even contemplate! I have thought about peace (being a pacifist and anti-war) so I do have some thoughts to put forward.

1. We need to love and respect ourselves and have compassion for self 

2. When we can experience peace within we can give thought to peace within our families. This means that we love and respect their individual selves and have compassion on their humanity.

3. Now that we are at peace with our selves and our families, we can look further afield to our neighbours, our townspeople, our countrymen. We can show our love and respect for their similarities and for their differences. Then we can have compassion on their humanity.

4. We can then move beyond our borders and love and respect people globally. We treat them how we would like to be treated, value their similarities and respect our differences.  We can then have compassion on all our brothers and sisters throughout the world.

I believe there are many reasons why we find it hard to be at peace with ourselves; our partners and families; our own communities; and our world. Often it can be tracked back to imbalances of power, ego, wealth, status, fear of what we don’t know and understand, aggression, racism, sexism etc. When we are at peace within ourselves we are in a much stronger position to deal with these emotions and then compassion for others can be very powerful and love can then overcome all else.