three wise koalas

Today I reflected on the meaning of listening, “to try to hear, pay attention, take heed”.

To do this I first needed to quiet my own mind. I had to take the focus of myself and listen to what was going on around me. I met lots of new people and made an effort to remember their names. Sometimes I had to ask twice because I forgot to listen the first time.

I can get busy with preparing what I am going to say next and thinking about how it may be received. When I am doing this I can’t hear what is going on around me. When I meet people for the first time it is important for me to be focused. It is hard to track back later and get the details that were freely given the first time on meeting.

As a child, I was a day-dreamer. There are parts of my childhood that I cannot remember much at all about. I believe it was because I wasn’t there a lot of the time – I was off in my imagination, in another world. My imagination today is still very active and can easily slip into worrying about the worst that can happen. I would love to be able to slip into a world where my thoughts are stronger and more positive.

I think I will dedicate this week to listening. Habits get stronger through practise, so that is what I will do.

cheers for now