Do we go to work as a refuge?

Around the globe there are millions of people going to work every day and night. Why? (apart from the money we need to survive)

How many of these people actually enjoy their work? How many people are stressed, anxious or depressed about their jobs?

When  I first joined the workforce at seventeen, I felt quite distressed about the impact it was having on me. I went to see a doctor because I couldn’t understand what was wrong with me. He was an older man and he told me, “that is just what life is. I get up each morning and go home each night, just like you do…” I think he was saying “Get over it. That’s life! ” I always remember him when I question our economic system that requires a good percentage of us to work and pay taxes for the infrastructure we enjoy.

I have included a link of a great blogger EOF737 (Elizabeth) who got me to thinking about work and what we could do with our lives if we didn’t have to work. I hope you will have a read – all Elizabeth’s posts are inspiring.

So I started out thinking about NOT WORKING and in contrast, the great things about having some work. In a good work scenario (I know not all workplaces are good) I enjoy such things as:

  • the social aspect – conversations with a diverse range of people
  • money – this is an obvious one – it provides a buffer against stress and struggle
  • a sense of being of value for what I can do
  • the chance to do something completely different from I would if I was at home all the time
  • a sense of belonging to something bigger
  • the chance to quiet a busy mind of personal stuff – refuge from the questions about why are we here
  • respect
  • a purpose for getting up in the morning
  • something else to talk about after the day at work
  • learn new things – keep the brain active
  • a chance to dress up
  • the reassurance of the self-esteem

Most of these things are intangible and we don’t notice them until they are not there. So, I reluctantly conclude that going to work can be good for us 🙂 Can you suggest any other reasons why work is GOOD for us?