Month: October 2011

An “aha!” moment

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Yesterday I picked up a book in my bookcase called “Live the Life you Love – in ten easy step-by-step lessons”. It is written by Barbara Sher and published by Hodder& Stoughton. I only read a few pages and it really opened up my mind about something important to me. Lesson 1 is “What motivates you?” This exercise asks the reader to look at a time in childhood where we were being creative and sought affirmation from […]

What makes you happy?

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Today I read an article in our Sunday paper about a poll taken in Britain recently  on what makes Britons happy. It reminded me of the concept that we are never (well, I’m not) happy for 24 hours in each day. Happiness comes in moments and that is why it is important to live in the moment, otherwise we might just miss them! I can relate to some of the responses in the poll, such as: […]

Numbulwar – an interesting place to live

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In 1980, my second son was born in Melbourne. Until then our family consisted of my husband (at the time) and my first-born son, who was four years old. We saw an advertisement for a Storeman in a remote Aboriginal Community in the Northern Territory. We were a bit restless at the time and decided to put in an application. The employer was Church Missionary Society (CMS). We had to jump a few hurdles with interviews […]

It is the Queen or nothing!

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Queen Elizabeth II is visiting Western Australia today to open the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). It is a BIG deal to the City of Perth. Security measures are incredible. It seems that they decided on a pre-emptive strike by deciding there were SOME people they didn’t want anywhere near the City or the Queen and so they wrote and told them they could be arrested if they came anywhere near where the action is. […]

Some of my favourite bloggers

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I would like to share with you today, some of the blogs that I really enjoy reading. They are a diverse lot of people (as diverse as my scarves in this photo) from different parts of the world but each one of them adds colour and value to my day by sharing their interesting stories, thoughts, sense of humour and reflections on the human condition. I hope you will pay them a visit – I can recommend […]

Pondering about people

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My thoughts this week are leading me to reflect about relationships – not the close kind, but more the next level of social relationships. I know that we are encouraged to accept ourselves as we are and to be authentic. What if the people I am interacting with don’t like the  “authentic” me? I have often been encouraged to “lighten up” due to my tendency to think deeply about things and to be reflective. I have learnt over time that […]

Writing has its own reward

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Today I am delighted to receive a Versatile Blogging Award from Wondering Pilgrim! How wonderful that someone enjoys reading my blog. I am very grateful and honoured. The reward comes with some instructions and I will give it my best shot. Firstly, there is a link right here to Wondering Pilgrim who kindly nominated me for this award . I hope you enjoy visiting his blog as well. I am asked to share a number of blogs that I enjoy. […]

The times, they are a’changing

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In around 1986 I was accepted into the WA College of Advanced Education (now called Edith Cowan University) to undertake a Diploma in Arts with two majors – Aboriginal and Intercultural Studies and English Literature. There were no fees at the time except for purchasing my text books. I had turned thirty, had three young sons to look after and the amazing opportunity to study. It was only part-time so I needed child-care for two lectures a […]

Kicked out of the choir

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I attended a Catholic school as a little girl. My folks (nominally Catholics) weren’t religious but they had promised to send their children to Catholic Schools. As students at the school we were expected to play a vital part of the local church activities and that included singing in the choir. Now, I have always enjoyed singing to my heart’s content and I love all sorts of music. I will never forget the day that I was […]

Something that shook up my belief system

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I had a good friend once who had all sorts of problems. She was addicted to alcohol and had mental health issues as well. She was a single mum with two daughters. I met her through the church I was attending at the time. She tried really hard to keep on the straight and narrow but took two steps forward and at least one step  backwards. She was  really gutsy woman with a glint in her eye […]