Anyone for tea?

A gift from Amsterdam

Just like the tea set I had as a little girl

When I was a little girl, one of my favourite games was to play with little cups and saucers and a teapot. I would fill up the teapot with water and make cups of tea for any willing volunteers. My grandma taught me how to hold my cup like a lady and I would pretend to having a very polite and well-mannered tea party.

In recent years I started collecting miniature tea sets, usually fine china ones, and I have them displayed in my china cabinet. Whenever I travel now I look out for the tea sets in antique stores and souvenir shops. My collection has really grown.

Just before Christmas last year I was looking in a gift shop and came across a tin tea set just like I had as a little girl. I felt a bit silly but I decided to buy it for myself for Christmas. The lady asked if it was a gift and I replied “Yes, it is a gift to myself”. She wrapped it beautifully and I put it under the Christmas tree. It is very nostalgic and I put it in the china cabinet among the other fine china, even though it is made of tin.

One of six that my partner gave me for Christmas 2010

I received a lovely set of miniature cups and saucers for Christmas last year. They are antique and were made in Germany around 1930.

My son and his (now) wife brought me a little set back from Amsterdam last year. Another of my favourites is one I bought for myself. It is bone china with the Old Country Roses design. I bought some beautiful cups and saucers from the gift shop at Westminster Abbey in 2008 while on holidays in the UK.

I visited my grandson in March this year and I was delighted to see he had a tea set (his Dad didn’t approve :-)) so we had a lovely time together playing cups of tea. It was wonderful.

Old Country RosesBought at the gift shop at Westminster Abbey 2008