I’ll do that one day…

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I have thought about this blog for a few days now. The idea came to me as I was driving. I wondered why I don’t act on what I want to do or achieve in my life. Just give me a magic wand and I will easily tell you at least 10 things that I would wish for.

If I had a magic wand I would:

1. be a dress size smaller

2. have enough money to enable me to be a philanthropist and help people in need

3. visit all the places in the world that I wanted to 

4. buy a motor home and travel around Australia

5. gain a qualification in philosophy or linguistics or social science (or all of them)

6. have someone to clean, cook and iron for me

7. get a nice new car – something expensive and sporty

8. find a quiet spot with some good coffee and chocolates and lots of time to read all the books I have saved for “when I get time”

9. have a personal shopper and go and buy lots of new clothes that suit me and look good on me

10. have lots of good friends who drop by for a chat and a coffee.

However, if they landed in my lap, would I really want them? Is it a question of not knowing what I want or is it fear or some other emotion, stopping me from acting on my “wish list”. I think of the saying “Life is what happens while we are busy making plans”… this is so true.

While pondering this topic I started to think about wants vs needs. How do I really KNOW what is best for me? Some people instinctively know what they like and what they don’t like. They are very clear about who they are and where they are going. I am more likely to go with the flow unless it is something I feel really strongly about.

I don’t want to regret not taking up opportunities in my life as they arise. In reality I have achieved many of my goals and wishes over the years. People tell me that I have reinvented myself many times, for the better, I hope 🙂 So, I don’t know if I have answered my own question or not. One day I will work it all out!

cheers for now




10 thoughts on “I’ll do that one day…

  1. I love this concept – life is not about what we could have done, it’s about what we have done and what we will do in the future.

    Thanks for this post Lorraine! You have got me thinking of a new idea for my blog too. 🙂

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