Philosophy for every day

Much of Arthur Schopenhauer's writing is focus...

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Philosophy – the study of the principles underlying conduct, thought and the nature of the universe

Wisdom – the ability to use knowledge; sound judgement

(Websters Universal English Dictionary)

I love to read about the great philosophers: Socrates, Plato,  Schopenhauer and Epicurus are some of my favourites. I find it really refreshing to read about their insights and perspectives and I gain new ways of seeing the world and my fellow citizens. Reading philosophy was a life changing experience for me – a positive change.  Some of their insights about the human condition are eternal and they attempt to answer some of the difficult questions in life.

I love learning and I love wisdom. I often gain little gems of wisdom from other bloggers and hopefully something I say may be useful to other bloggers in return. I started my blog purely to practise my writing skills, however it has become so much more to me. I have had a fairly interesting life so far, and I really value being able to communicate with other bloggers and share some of my life experience.

Today I would like to share some sayings and ideas that have helped me over the years. Some are deep and others are light-hearted.

  • don’t complain and don’t explain – I saw this on a poster once and have always remembered it
  • the Serenity Prayer is an excellent philosophy as a foundation for life and is relevant in most situations
  • don’t talk about religion, politics and health matters to people you don’t know very well – they can be explosive, embarrassing and conversation stoppers
  • gratification usually follows hard work and perseverance
  • never rely on technology alone with your friends – friendships can be lost over technical communication failure
  • I can’t eat a few almonds or a few pieces of crystallised ginger – it is all or nothing for me with these two foods
  • smiling at people breaks down a lot of barriers even in multicultural situations. Everyone understands a smile.
  • enforce some compulsory savings – I always make sure some money is put aside before I ever get my hands on it
  • no-one is ever entirely good or entirely bad – most of us a somewhere in the middle
  • another saying – don’t throw your pearls before the swine – to me this means to be careful with sharing personal information as some people will not respect it
  • a practical tip – buy a packet of several nail files and keep one in the following places: your purse; your handbag; your office; your bathroom; your car; your bedside table etc. They are not expensive so why are they never around when you need one?
  • do stuff when you first see that it needs doing – this becomes a habit and it means things don’t build up into really BIG tasks
  • live and let live – respect other people’s right to think and act differently than you do
  • remember that whatever you are going through right now, it will pass, given time
  • try to remember people’s birthdays as it means a lot to many of us. I forgot a friend’s 50th birthday recently and I can’t undo that

I hope that you will share some of the sayings that help you in your everyday life. It may be something that I really need to hear today 🙂