Things I DON”T write about


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There are generally some areas of my life that I don’t cover in my blog. I think there is a line that I try not to cross. Examples include:

  • I try to avoid writing anything that would embarrass or offend my friends or family (using their names and identifying information). I am not sure that I always get this right as sometimes I may offend without knowing. I am sorry if I do. I mean well 🙂


  • I don’t go into detail about my work as I don’t want to compromise my place at work. I did give them my blog address when I applied for the job but when I checked my application I found I had made a mistake in the blog address. Phew!


  • I generally avoid writing about my health and that I sometimes get depressed (darn, I said it!) as depression is still stigmatised in our society. Public knowledge and awareness is growing but we have some way to go yet.


  • I can be a bit vague about religious and spiritual matters – mainly because I am unsure of my own beliefs in these areas. I like to be open-minded and not alienate anyone who reads my blog. I like to “live and let live”.


Cheers and wishing you well



5 thoughts on “Things I DON”T write about

  1. All wise choices and good reasons to stay away from the subjects. I don’t write about my children as I respect their privacy and then I am careful about what I share… 🙂

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