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At seventeen years old I left my small home town and moved to Melbourne to find work. This was in the early 1970’s. Work was hard to come by but I got a job in a big department store. The pay was very low and I moved into another job – this time at a lolly factory. I used to prepare the flavour bottles for 120 or so batches of Butter Menthol (cough lollies). That was incredibly boring but the pay was better than the department store.

I lived in Melbourne for a few years and met my husband in that time. I have lived in Western Australia since 1982 and have very rarely visited Melbourne in that time. I have done many trips east to visit my family in the country but Melbourne wasn’t on the itinerary due to lack of time most often.

I will visit Melbourne again soon. There are lots of places I would love to revisit and see if my memories show the reality. Some of the places I want to see are:

  • Flinders Street Railway Station with St Paul’s Cathedral diagonally opposite.
  • South Bank on the Yarra River. South Bank is a modern development that sits on the former site of the lolly factory that I worked at.
  • Puffing Billy Railway – Located in Belgrave in the Dandenong Ranges outside of the city limits of Melbourne. We lived in the Dandenong Ranges at Belgrave Heights and another little place called Cockatoo. They have over 50 inches of rain a year and the forests are really beautiful.
  • I would also like to see the house where we lived in Belgrave Heights. It was 70 years old when we bought it and that was in 1980. It is just a little timber cottage on a big block of land with a natural stream running along the back.
  • I would love to get into the City of Melbourne at about 8am and have a great cup of coffee. Melbourne is renowned for its cafe culture. There are many people of Greek origin in Melbourne and they make the best coffee. I wonder if they will still have the miniature juke boxes at each of the seating booths. It was great to have your very own favourite song playing and sharing it with dozens of strangers (whether they like it or not) 🙂
  • A shopping outing would be welcome too. Melbourne is well-known as a great shopping precinct with lots of variety and great style.
  • A visit to East Melbourne would be on the agenda too. I lived for a while in Grey Street, East Melbourne in a very old terraced house. It was in fairly poor condition when I lived there but it is now recognised as a building of special importance and protected by the National Trust.

Well that is probably enough to do for a few days. I am looking forward to it!