Counting the beans…and thank you!

The Challenge Trophy

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Today I hope to reach 4000 views for my blog. It is now, as I write, at 3999. I started the blog in January this year as part of the Post A Day Challenge. I have posted 190 blogs since then – I didn’t quite manage to get one out every day.

I’ve had 314 comments (average of 73 per month) and I have loved receiving every one of them. Also I get a real buzz when I see that someone has “liked” my blog – thanks for doing that and bringing a smile to my face.

I have accumulated 136 tags and 32 categories – I’m not sure that I maximise the value of these tools.

Other items of interest include that I get a lot more “views” for my photos for the Weekly Photo Challenge than I do for my every day blog. Does this mean I should forget about being a writer and learn photography instead! Mind you, the camera does most of the work – I just press the button.

I have 28 subscribers and my newest one joined today. I hope that I can keep your interest, at least most of the time 🙂

So there you have it – all my numbers are laid bare before you. Thanks for visiting today and I hope you will come back again. If you would like to suggest some ways that I can grow my number of visitors, I am open to suggestions.

Best wishes