Counting the beans…and thank you!

The Challenge Trophy

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Today I hope to reach 4000 views for my blog. It is now, as I write, at 3999. I started the blog in January this year as part of the Post A Day Challenge. I have posted 190 blogs since then – I didn’t quite manage to get one out every day.

I’ve had 314 comments (average of 73 per month) and I have loved receiving every one of them. Also I get a real buzz when I see that someone has “liked” my blog – thanks for doing that and bringing a smile to my face.

I have accumulated 136 tags and 32 categories – I’m not sure that I maximise the value of these tools.

Other items of interest include that I get a lot more “views” for my photos for the Weekly Photo Challenge than I do for my every day blog. Does this mean I should forget about being a writer and learn photography instead! Mind you, the camera does most of the work – I just press the button.

I have 28 subscribers and my newest one joined today. I hope that I can keep your interest, at least most of the time 🙂

So there you have it – all my numbers are laid bare before you. Thanks for visiting today and I hope you will come back again. If you would like to suggest some ways that I can grow my number of visitors, I am open to suggestions.

Best wishes


One thought on “Counting the beans…and thank you!

  1. Congrats on your progress. The main recommendation I’ll give is to do what I’m doing right now; comment on other blogs, build connections with other bloggers, and build from there… It works. 🙂

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