Weekly photo challenge – Possibility

Lots of possibilities

allaboutwords wa realestate 🙂

“Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to purchase this quaint and historical Australian cottage, typical of those built in the 1930’s in regional Australia. This house has unlimited possibilities. It is well located near schools and amenities and boasts a 1/4 acre block if you have an eye on developing the site in the future. A coat of paint and some TLC will restore this property to its former glory. Be quick as it won’t last! Call 123 456 78 today”.

Well, no, I am not really in the real estate business. This house is ready for demolition any day now. I lived in this house when I was a little girl in the 1960’s and it was a lot prettier and my Mum and Dad worked hard to make it a great home. It is a two bedroom house with a sleep-out (or annexe?) and housed all seven of us. Three girls in one bedroom, parents in the other one and my two brothers were in the sleep-out.

There were possibilities galore when I lived there. We always had a big pile of sand out the back and I used to make burrows for rabbits. I was careful not to dig too deep in case I reached the centre of the Earth and come face-to- face with molten rock. Unfortunately no rabbits ever took up residents there.

The front veranda held all sorts of possibilities too. We sat on the veranda and watched the red-back spiders building their webs and climbing up and down them. I was never afraid of them – I didn’t know they were venomous then. The veranda was a great place to sit and watch the passing of the day and the moon arising. I believed that there was a man on the moon. In fact, I could see him sitting at the head of the table wearing a crown with others seated around him. I could never believe that the moon was made of cheese though.

Another game we loved was playing on the front lawn with the 44 gallon drums (empty) that Dad used for his truck. The trick was to get them rolling and walk on them at the same time.  At the side of the house we had a home-made swing and I spent many hours of fun there. The possibility for fun abounded.

We had a front fence with canna lilies covering the fence area. I sometimes pretended I was going to school but then sneak back home (hiding behind the plants) and I would slip back into bed when the coast was clear. I didn’t enjoy school very much 🙂

I was so lucky to have my Grandma and Grandpa living right next door. This provided lots of possibilities for little gifts for doing jobs such as bringing up some wood for the fire. If I was good there was a possibility that Grandma would let me use the bellows to liven the fire up. Sometimes she let me go through her cupboards as well. I felt very special to be allowed such honours.

I remember my brothers often brought home injured animals and kept them for a time. Once they brought home a wedge-tail eagle and I was very frightened of it. We always had lots of cats about the place too (not very domesticated – a bit wild). They used to go under house to have their kittens and I would crawl under there to see them and cuddle one of new-born kittens if mother cat let me get anywhere near them.

Last time I saw the house (when  I took the photo) I noticed it is up for sale. For a few moments I considered the possibility of buying it. What would I do with it though? I will be very sad to see it demolished as I have so many wonderful memories of happy and fun family times.

cheers for now