Kicked out of the choir

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Some of our karaoke discs

I attended a Catholic school as a little girl. My folks (nominally Catholics) weren’t religious but they had promised to send their children to Catholic Schools. As students at the school we were expected to play a vital part of the local church activities and that included singing in the choir.

Now, I have always enjoyed singing to my heart’s content and I love all sorts of music. I will never forget the day that I was identified as the one who was bringing the choir down! I was told I should just sit and watch! I laugh about it today, but it was many years before I allowed anyone to hear my singing voice again. I have met many people with similar stories. It is such a shame to take the joy of singing away from someone.

In 2003 I lived in the Goldfields/Esperance region of Western Australia and I spent many hours driving in outback country side. A perfect opportunity to let go of my inhibitions and sing to my heart’s content, along with my CD’s. During this time I signed up to an online dating site. I was miles from anywhere so I envisaged having a “pen friend” that I could correspond with quite safely. I didn’t realise how this would change my life.

I met my future partner online during that time (that was eight years ago). I shared with him my love of singing in the car. He came out with a confession that he loved karaoke! I thought “Mmm, that is a bit way out there for me”. After a few more emails back and forth he convinced me that he didn’t karaoke in pubs or clubs but in a private studio with a couple of friends. I was fascinated.

When we eventually met face-to-face a few weeks later, I agreed to go and see one of these karaoke studios. I went with fear and trepidation, not knowing what to expect. We paid up for a couple of hours to use the studio, on our own. So far, so good. I swore that I was not going to sing and that I was just there as a spectator. But there was a problem – there were so many of my old favourites in the menu and I went as far as choosing those songs to listen to and hum along too. Well it wasn’t long before the humming turned into quietly singing with the vocalist on very loud. So began my karaoke adventure.

After that night we arranged to meet with another couple and hire a studio for the four of us. I slowly became more adventurous. My love of the music and the songs (many from the 1970’s) motivated me to continue. So this became a regular event in our schedule and eventually we set up a karaoke system and a karaoke room in our home. We had sessions with our friends  on regular basis and we had a great time. I still had some strict rules though:

  • Absolutely no criticism is allowed
  • No mention of KEYS (the only ones I know are ones that open doors!)
  • I will not sing on my own without the vocalist singing as well

We have moved house since then and our karaoke equipment doesn’t get to see the light of day very often now. It is such a shame as it was one of the “light-hearted” activities I really enjoyed. I can be too serious sometimes and karaoke seemed to give some balance (and some fun) to my mostly serious life :-).

Well, who knows, maybe by blogging about karaoke I may be tempted to dust it off and do some more singing.




  1. It might be time to bring it out and sing away… Yes, it was terrible of the school to shut you up in the choir.,.. People are so thoughtless. Glad you have rekindled your love for singing. 🙂

  2. hmunro says

    I am so glad you “rediscovered” singing, and that you found a partner who shares the same passion. I had a similar experience, and it’s been an absolute gift to start singing again. I’m not quite as bold as you, though — haven’t been able to bring myself to karaoke yet. 🙂

    • I didn’t know that karaoke is the Japanese word. Thanks for sharing that – it does make me smile.


  3. This happened to me in the fifth grade. I was called out in front of the whole choir and told, “I’m sorry, you’re flat. You’ll have to go.” I still remember the walk of shame back to my classroom. I sang all the time before that – around the house, making up songs with my brother – but after that I just stopped. I still love singing, but only when I’m alone – I never allow anyone to hear me!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with me. I hope that you get the opportunity to really enjoy singing again some day and not care what anyone thinks. I have heard many similar stories and it is sad that it has such a big impact on people – especially when they are so young.


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