It is the Queen or nothing!

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Queen Elizabeth II is visiting Western Australia today to open the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). It is a BIG deal to the City of Perth. Security measures are incredible. It seems that they decided on a pre-emptive strike by deciding there were SOME people they didn’t want anywhere near the City or the Queen and so they wrote and told them they could be arrested if they came anywhere near where the action is. These are people who may be environmental activists or just “known” to the police. I can understand why they would want to do that, but surely it is a crime against these individuals’ civil rights.

Apart from the paranoid officials, most people are happy to see the Queen visit our shores. She is an amazing woman and she has maintained her dignity throughout many a family scandal. As a parent, I can empathise with that!

A few years ago there was interest in Australia becoming a republic. There was a referendum with some “ill worded” questions and the result was a resounding NO.  With the Queen being 85 years old, many people seem to be happy to see her live out her days as our Queen. There is not much enthusiasm for Prince Charles to become our king though! I think the republican movement will come to life when, and if, that time arises.

So, when I said it is the Queen or nothing, I was expressing my lack of anything exciting to write about today. It is a lovely spring day and I spent some time mulching the front garden to prepare it for a hot summer ahead.

Cheers till next time


Lorraine (Elizabeth is my second name 🙂 )

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