What makes you happy?

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Today I read an article in our Sunday paper about a poll taken in Britain recently  on what makes Britons happy. It reminded me of the concept that we are never (well, I’m not) happy for 24 hours in each day.

Happiness comes in moments and that is why it is important to live in the moment, otherwise we might just miss them! I can relate to some of the responses in the poll, such as: finding some money in an old pair of jeans or hopping into bed with fresh, clean sheets.

It got me thinking about some of the simple things in my life that bring me happiness. Here goes:

  • watching a little bird close to me that hasn’t noticed I am there
  • coming upon a natural bush scene when I don’t expect it
  • hearing a kookaburra laugh
  • people stopping to chat and taking an interest in me or what I am doing
  • seeing my partner and my family
  • praise of any kind
  • unexpected kindness from people at the shops or on the road
  • unexpected gifts
  • expected gifts 🙂
  • getting positive feedback at work
  • connecting with another blogger who understands what I am saying/thinking or how I am feeling
  • getting “likes” and comments from people who read my blogs
  • completing tasks that are challenging
  • getting the ironing done or house cleaned
  • appreciation for a meal I have prepared
  • thoughtfulness of others in considering my needs/likes/tastes
  • getting paid for my work
  • someone taking the time to listen to what is really going on in my  head or heart
  • listening to music and singing along to it
  • doing things for others and seeing their happiness or appreciation
  • getting good results from my studies
  • a nice sunny day and being able to get outside and enjoy it
  • resting in my recliner chair, a cool drink and a nice piece of good quality chocolate
  • getting lost in reading a great novel
  • writing my blog

Wow, I could keep on going here – I am pleasantly surprised at how many things make me happy!

Thanks for reading and have a happy day 🙂


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