Month: November 2011

I am thankful for so many options in my life

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  In reality, I am a bit grumpy about having so many options. I believe I should be thankful and I will blog my way into convincing myself. Today I tried to find a poem to express how I am feeling at the moment. I couldn’t find one. I am puzzling over living “in community”. For example, my sister and her husband live in a small farming community. They have lived there for many years. They […]

Weekly photo challenge – Family

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I first met my new mother-in-law in 2004. We immediately clicked with each other and enjoyed each others’ company. She passed away in 2008 and we do miss her and often talk about our happy times with her. 🙂 For many years, she kept her family well fed with a variety of puddings – Bread Pudding, Spotted Dick and the most popular of all, the Christmas Pudding. Her two sons made her smile when they worried about […]


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“CHRISTMAS SPECIAL” – was the title in the real estate paper for the first house I ever bought. That was in December 1978. I found the original advertisement yesterday. I saved in a folder titled “1980’s memories”. I am glad I am a bit of a hoarder as I found some gems (smithereens :-)) that could be useful for future blogs 🙂 The ad went like this: CHRISTMAS SPECIAL  BELGRAVE $2500 Deposit ($47 weekly) Lovely treed secluded block slopes […]

The courage to love

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      In February 1988 I began to wonder in despair if I would ever find love again. I wrote these words: I had the courage to love I was touched by its exhilaration I was encompassed by its arms But no – it was only an illusion. The deep needs of my heart found a home in imagination. Why does love make such a difference? It is so bittersweet. So many tears have been […]

Clowning around

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Today I will share another poem with you. This one is by Phoebe Hesketh and is titled “Clown” in Poets and Poetry by Sadler/Hayllar/Powell. What emotions arise in you as you read it? CLOWN He was safe behind the whitened face and red nose of his trade, vocation more certain than doctor’s or priests to cheer and heal. Hidden away from himself he could always make us laugh turning troubles like jackets inside out, wearing […]


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In looking for inspiration today for my blog, I browsed many poetry books. I love poetry and enjoy reading it anytime. I was looking for poems that express great passion and emotion. I want to write the occasional blog on what the poems say to me.  I believe poetry provides an exquisite opportunity to express some of the difficult or intense emotions. Today’s poem is quite different, however, I thought you may enjoy it. It is called Smithereens and by Roger McGough. […]

The new family in town

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Today I am reflecting on a very sad day in 1983. I was living with my husband and three sons in Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. My youngest son was just a baby of a few months old. We had been living there for about 9 months when a new family from Victoria came to town to work with the same organisation. They had four young children and their youngest was 5 years […]

Bad hair day!

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Yesterday I had my hair done (coloured), as I do on a fairly regular basis. Nothing unusual in that? Well, it nearly became exciting. My hairdresser is located in a small shopping complex not far from my home.  I was a little early and placed in front of the mirror straight away and the magic chemicals (hair dye) applied to the roots of my hair to hide any grey ones creeping in unnoticed. With that done, they put a timer on for when it needed to be […]

What new skills would I like to learn in 2012?

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I reflected on this topic and my head was spinning! Probably because the ideas that I came up with were nothing new. I have spent a few decades trying to improve myself. This involves being brave enough to keep learning practical and technical things. I have a thirst for new knowledge and leap at the opportunity to gain it. Other ideas included: self-acceptance – isn’t it ironic that including this in my list means I […]