Writing: What’s in it for me?

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I haven’t written a blog in several days, mainly because I didn’t have anything to say. Even thought I know this, I still want to write. Why do I want to write?

Well, the reality for me is that it gives me an opportunity to put my thoughts and feelings into words and to share them and hope that some others understand. I sometimes write about places I have lived or things I have done, but I am mostly drawn to write about deeper questions that I am seeking clarity on. Sometimes that clarity comes with the writing and sometimes in comes with sharing the human condition with others.

I sometimes wonder if I am self obsessed with all this navel gaizing. Maybe I am. I remember once reading “take your finger off your pulse and start living”. That is good advice at times. I guess there are those of us who spend more time than others in pondering the  “important” questions in life. I suspect many people who write are people who are seeking answers.

There are limits to what I will write about. I would like to explore a discussion about depression, however I hesitate. The reasons are because:

1. people are generally not attracted to reading about difficult emotions

2. am I brave enough to share my own difficult emotions and would there be negative reactions?

Perhaps I can share some little thing that has helped me when depressed – it is to keep on going, keep on doing what needs to be done, don’t take time out to rest, rest is not what I need, I need to keep involved with life and those around me. It is true that often people become withdrawn when they are depressed. This is not helpful, in my experience at least. It may not be the same for everyone.

I would be interested to hear from others about what helps them during times of depression. I think it needs to be talked about more in our society so that people can better understand what it is all about and how to help when needed.

Cheers for now

Lorraine 🙂

PS I feel better already 🙂



  1. I wrote a long response that just got deleted… So I will be brief. Take care of yourself. Take long walks and write about what you wish or use the prompts. Sending you virtual hugs. 🙂

  2. I’ve been out of the loop with power outages and conferences… Will catch up on comments soon. TY! 🙂

  3. One of my best friend also goes through life with her friend, Depression.( I call it her friend.) I notice when she fills her life with projects and eating more wholesome foods, her friend seems to lighten up.
    Imagine your ideal world!
    Glad you are feeling better now!

    • Thanks Sunshine – I like the concept of seeing depression as a friend – one who needs compassion.

      Thanks for visiting


  4. Like you, Lorraine, I feel compelled to write, and sometimes I have no idea what I should write about. But responding to the compulsion is always good. Much of what I write goes nowhere, but the very act of writing validates me to some extent.
    Depression is a heavy word, and makes any task like a mountain, so there’s wisdom in setting achievable targets in your writing – a blog entry a day, or 400 words a day, or whatever.

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