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We make decisions about hundreds of things each day. We don’t even think about it, most often. However there are some points in our lives where we make a significant choice to go in a certain direction. Today, I reflect on some of those decisions.

  • In my first decade I decided what (Aussie Rules) football teams I supported and the ones I liked least of all.
  • In high school I had the choice of a commercial or professional stream of study. Commercial meant typing and short-hand that didn’t appeal to me at all – those big clunky, noisy typewriters were scary!
  • I left school before completing my final year due to the fear that I might not do as well as some of my class-mates and that was a fate worse than death! It seemed better not to try than to fail. I still have dreams about that today.
  • Due to studying the professional stream, my career options were narrowed considerably (or so it seemed at the time, living in a small rural town). The most obvious options included teaching or nursing. Teaching didn’t appeal to me at all. My Mum was a nurse, so it seemed a good idea to follow in her foot-steps.
  • I applied to various hospitals for a place as a student nurse. A hospital in Melbourne invited me to take up a place to train as a nurse.
  • After considering the nursing option, I decided I couldn’t handle the strict discipline in a nurses’ home (where I would have to live) and I would be too scared to travel on the trains late at night if I was doing shift work. Logical? I am not sure about that but it was very real then. Today I can see that nursing wouldn’t have been a good career for me.
  • My next major decision was to get married at 18. Looking back, I was much too young, however, I had three wonderful sons as a result of that marriage (the marriage lasted 12 years – not a bad effort).
  • My three sons were born in my twenties. Some of my friends travelled and did all manner of interesting things like going to University. That decade of my life was dedicated to being a mum and a home-maker and I threw myself into it.
  • In my thirtieth year I decided to pick up on my studies once again. I chose to do a Year 12 English class via correspondence. I chose English because it was always my best subject.
  • My husband and I chose to leave behind our friends and families and worked in some remote Aboriginal Communities in Northern Australia.
  • In these communities I had the opportunity to pass on some of my English language skills to multi-lingual Indigenous women.
  • I loved being a student again and really embraced it and achieved university entry. I chose English and Intercultural Studies.

The choices made over the years are a tapestry of my life with the common theme of the English Language important in each decade and it continues to be so. Next year I am enrolled to do a course called “Writing for Professionals”. I hope that is a good choice. It is not about creative writing but it covers aspects to do with publishing and editing and much more. I will attach a link if you are interested in having a look at it:  Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing

I have no regrets about the path my  life has taken thus far and the decisions I have made. Life is an exciting adventure day by day and one can never expect what lies around the corner!




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  1. You have lived a full and productive life and your choices were gifts in their own way. The course sounds wonderful; I wish you much success in it. 🙂

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