Strange is the way of love

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Today I searched my poetry books to find something to share on my blog. I have looked through four or five substantial books until I came upon this one: “An Anthology of Sanskrit Court Poetry” and copyrighted by the President and Fellows of Harvard College in 1965.

The preface asserts that this anthology prepared shortly before the year 1100, by a Buddhist scholar named Vidyakara. I would like to share this verse with you as I think it is beautiful and timeless:









Verse 696

She had spurned her lover with an oath

as he bent before her feet;

but then when he had taken

only two or three steps from the room,

she held him back, almost running as she bowed

with the knot of her skirt appearing in her hands.

Ah, how strange the way of love.

Verse 697

The bond of his affection broken,

the value that he placed upon me in his heart erased,

this man now walks before me like any other man,

his love now ceased.

The days pass  with my thinking and thinking of these things.

Dear friend, I know not why my heart

breaks not into a hundred pieces. 

(Amaru Collection)

These words may be centuries old, however they still speak to my heart. There are some things in life that are timeless. I have known how it feels to love and lose but yet I have the courage to love and be loved once again.

Cheers for now



  1. Wow. I loved that second verse. Hats of to you fr finding it and using it here. It is truely beautiful and expressive. The world has changed a great deal but the way we relate to each other and expressit seems almost timeless when you read verses like this. Just lovely

  2. Beautiful… I love both verses as they show both sides of the coin of love… May we all find everlasting love. 🙂

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