What new skills would I like to learn in 2012?

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I reflected on this topic and my head was spinning! Probably because the ideas that I came up with were nothing new. I have spent a few decades trying to improve myself. This involves being brave enough to keep learning practical and technical things. I have a thirst for new knowledge and leap at the opportunity to gain it.

Other ideas included:

  • self-acceptance – isn’t it ironic that including this in my list means I am not self-accepting πŸ™‚
  • learning to deal with difficult people – this doesn’t mean I have to turn myself inside out to accomodate them. It means I find a way of relating that doesn’t minimise who I am. I have the tendency to see it as my responsibility to change to enable smooth relationships with others. I want to stop doing that and find a better way or relating.
  • I would like to become better at being in the present – mindfulness, better focus and less concern about the past of the future.
  • My listening skills could improve as well – the previous point would help to bring this about

On the more practical side of things, I would like to learn how to:

  • improving my writing skills – I am enrolled to do a course next year
  • expand the range and quality of cooking that I do
  • improve my capacityΒ in the computer tasks I do at work

So, that is my list. What would you include on yours? I would be interested to know πŸ™‚







10 thoughts on “What new skills would I like to learn in 2012?

  1. My list is very similar to yours, especially the first three and the writing one. I’ve grown up feeling like it’s up to me to make everyone happy, even if that means sacrificing myself or what’s important to me to do that. I’ve also been working hard to not do that anymore. It’s a work in progress.

    What course are you doing? It sounds really exciting.

      • That sounds really interesting, I’ll be interested to follow your progress!

        I’m sorry I haven’t subscribed before, I thought I had and it was until last night when I clicked through I realise I hadn’t. I will look forward to reading your posts, it’s good to read other people doing the postaday topics – I’ve been neglecting mine while doing NaNo; but intend to go back to them in December!

    • Sorry Claire – I forgot to answer your question about the course I am doing next year. It is an online course through the Edith Cowan University. It is a Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing. I think it is geared more to writing in the workplace, however that is good as I hope to be able to keep earning some money for the next ten years at least. It would be great to earn money for my writing and combine career and interests into one!


  2. I have the same problem with difficult people, although my accommodating behaviour is based mostly in fear of conflict. I’d say my list for 2012 is simply to get to know myself better and to find out what I want to for my future. Also hopefully improve my posture πŸ™‚

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