Bad hair day!

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Yesterday I had my hair done (coloured), as I do on a fairly regular basis. Nothing unusual in that? Well, it nearly became exciting.

My hairdresser is located in a small shopping complex not far from my home.  I was a little early and placed in front of the mirror straight away and the magic chemicals (hair dye) applied to the roots of my hair to hide any grey ones creeping in unnoticed. With that done, they put a timer on for when it needed to be washed off. I think it was for about 30 minutes.

The “boss” hairdresser went to use the tap and discovered there was no water. It turns out that some work was happening on another unit in the building and they turned off the water for the ALL the shops. They couldn’t isolate the water supply to just one shop. It only got worse though, because they then discovered a burst water main. It was flooding the car park and there was a bit of a panic.

Meanwhile the clock is ticking down on the timer for my hair treatment. I tried to be cool and suggested we could get some bottled water from the nearby supermarket. People were coming and going with promises that the water would be flowing in 5 minutes. Fifteen minutes passed and no water arrived. I was getting a little uncomfortable however the clock ticked down and it was time to remove the colour. Hurray! Just in time! The water was flowing again.

As the hairdresser led me to the basin, a burly Aussie bloke poked his head in the door and said they had to turn it off again straight away. He was quite chatty and even amused, not realising (or caring 😦 ) about the havoc he was creating. Well, the long and the short of it (pun?) was that my hair was saved from a disaster, just in the nick of time.

The salon owner told me about another time when this happened. On the previous occasion, she agreed to go with her customer back to her house to wash her hair (very flexible country people here). They arrived at the house and the woman had lost her house keys! It was crisis time  – their solution was to wash her hair using the garden hose on the front lawn of her house. I said to her, “that would make a good story”. Well, she is too busy to write so I thought I would take advantage of the tale!



9 thoughts on “Bad hair day!

  1. Great story! I’ve never dyed my hair, but I can imagine the panic. You might suggest your hair dresser move to another shop that has fewer issues with the water! Keep sharing your stories! 🙂

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