A ‘girlie’ moment

Lancome Tresor

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I love perfume. In fact my favourite is Tresor by Lancome. I tend to buy it when there is a special on as it is expensive. I like it when you pay the normal price but get a free gift valued at around $70 to $100. Well, I used to like it, I should say.

That was until the day I bought it and there was a free gift, BUT, you only got the ‘free’ gift if you bought two other items. I scanned the shelves for what other two cosmetics I could use. One of them was an eyebrow pencil and I can’t remember the other one – not important. What a shock I got when I found out the pencil  was $24.95 – FOR A PENCIL! I had gone too far to back out, so I paid up and felt really silly with my idea of getting a bargain.

The above incident happened about ten years ago. I still have that eyebrow pencil and it is about one inch long. I think I may have got my money’s worth. Time to buy a new one. I looked in the chemist and they were $20 plus so I checked the supermarket and got one for $15.00. Not much of saving but I felt I had redeemed myself from my extravagance ten years ago. That was until I got to the check-out. The woman scanned the pencil and commented that I could get six of them for $10.00 from the Price Savers store, but it was too late. It was already through the check-out.

The check-out woman and I talked about our experience with expensive eyebrow pencils. We got into quite a chat about it and I felt like we were old friends by the time I had packed my trolley. It was one of those moments in our busy lives where we sometimes meet a fellow traveller along life’s way. It made me smile and my heart was touched. What a gem 🙂

Happy travelling


PS this could be interpreted as a hint of what I may like for Christmas 🙂


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