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In looking for inspiration today for my blog, I browsed many poetry books. I love poetry and enjoy reading it anytime. I was looking for poems that express great passion and emotion. I want to write the occasional blog on what the poems say to me.

 I believe poetry provides an exquisite opportunity to express some of the difficult or intense emotions.

Today’s poem is quite different, however, I thought you may enjoy it. It is called Smithereens and by Roger McGough. I found it in Poets and Poetry by Sadler/Hayllar/Powell.


I spend my days

collecting smithereens.

I find them on buses

in department stores

and on busy pavements.

At restaurant tables

I pick up the left-overs

of polite conversation.

At railway stations

the tearful debris

of parting lovers.

I pocket my eavesdroppings

and store them away.

I make things out of them.

Nice things, sometimes.

Sometimes odd, like this.

by Roger McGough

As I develop ideas for my blog, I have my ears and eyes open to what is happening around me. Sometimes an idea strikes and I must write it down straight away. It is fun, isn’t it?

cheers for now