Clowning around

Today I will share another poem with you. This one is by Phoebe Hesketh and is titled “Clown” in Poets and Poetry by Sadler/Hayllar/Powell. What emotions arise in you as you read it?


He was safe

behind the whitened face

and red nose of his trade,

vocation more certain

than doctor’s or priests

to cheer and heal.

Hidden away from himself

he could always make us laugh

turning troubles like jackets

inside out, wearing

our rents and patches.

Tripping up in trousers too long

he made us feel tall;

and when we watched him

cutting himself down,

missing the ball,

we knew we could cope.

What we never knew

was the tightrope he walked

when the laughter had died.

Nowhere to hide in the empty night,

no one to catch his fall.



The Clown is often depicted as sad, lonely person – a tragic  figure. He has his uses in entertaining us and making us laugh. I wonder if we all take that role on at times when there is sadness underneath but smiles on the outside. I am sure we do –  I know I do.

cheers for now


7 thoughts on “Clowning around

  1. I believe we all do… Sometimes the laughter helps us cope with the sadness… It happens to us all. I love that wood sculpture; really neat. 🙂
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend! 🙂

  2. Thank goodness for the WordPress playground filled with all sorts of interesting people and a person (that’s me) can be a happy clown on the outside and be transformed to a real happy clown on the inside too! Great poem and photo.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  3. I can’t really relate to the hiding my feelings side, other people seem to know what mood I’m in better than I do!
    There’s a word borrowed from the German language called “Schadenfreude” which means to garner enjoyment from the misfortune and misery of others. It’s an ugly thing, but honestly I think most of us do it. I catch myself doing it sometimes to boost my fragile ego.

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