The courage to love




In February 1988 I began to wonder in despair if I would ever find love again. I wrote these words:

I had the courage to love

I was touched by its exhilaration

I was encompassed by its arms

But no – it was only an illusion.

The deep needs of my heart found a home in imagination.

Why does love make such a difference?

It is so bittersweet.

So many tears have been shed;

Yet I still have the courage to love again.


It not hard to fall in love with “love”. It is an exhilarating experience and life can seem so empty without it.

I hope you experience much love in your life today.


8 thoughts on “The courage to love

  1. I’m no expert on love seeing as I’ve never felt it, but don’t you think that to say it was an illusion is to deny the happiness you felt at the time? I imagine love is like everything else in life; constantly changing from moment to moment. But of course I’m just intellectualising the matter.

    • Thanks for reading my blog Joel. You have a good point about love changing from moment to moment – nothing ever stays the same but instead evolves – sometimes for the better and sometimes not 🙂

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