I am thankful for so many options in my life


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In reality, I am a bit grumpy about having so many options. I believe I should be thankful and I will blog my way into convincing myself.

Today I tried to find a poem to express how I am feeling at the moment. I couldn’t find one. I am puzzling over living “in community”. For example, my sister and her husband live in a small farming community. They have lived there for many years. They are well-known and have many friends. When our father, and later, our mother passed away, they received lots of support from friends and neighbours.

I left my home town a long time ago and have moved around a fair bit. I tend to have a few close friends and don’t know many people in the wider community/city or town. Hardly anyone knows when there is a crisis in my family. A few years ago I lost my sister-in-law to suicide. After getting this terrible news, I  wanted to get out of the house and walk to clear my head. I stopped and spoke to my close neighbour at the time, but didn’t share the bad news. I don’t know why – perhaps I didn’t want to bring sadness to his day.

Is this something we all struggle with? Do we seek close community with others when it suits but remain isolated for most of the time? I found my home town to be claustrophobic – every one knew every one elses’ business. So the support is there when needed but it can also be intrusive. Can I happily live my  life without engaging in community of some kind? Or is it a lonely or selfish way to live? So that is what I am puzzling over today!

I promised some gratitude in today’s blog so here goes: I am grateful for:

  • a loving partner to share my life with
  • three intelligent, kind and good-looking sons, two wonderful, beautiful and amazing daughter’s in law
  • two gorgeous grandsons
  • a home to live in peace with friends and neighbours in close proximity
  • never having to go hungry or thirsty
  • not being burdened with financial difficulties
  • the ability to see and visit friends and family
  • good health, vision, hearing, mobility
  • a good climate with a lovely beach close by
  • transport and good roads
  • freedom to vote for the political party of my own choosing
  • freedom  of speech
  •  excellent health facilities close by
  • technology at my finger tips
  • a temperate climate
  • being able to express myself through this blog
  • being able to read, write and further my education
  • free to have spiritual beliefs of my own choosing without oppression from others

I could keep going  – it got easy once I started thinking about it 🙂

I am also very grateful to you for taking the time to read and sometimes comment on my blogs.

Thank you 🙂



5 thoughts on “I am thankful for so many options in my life

  1. Isn’t that wonderful? When we decide to find the good in our lives, so much comes up. 🙂 TY for your patience as I have been adjusting to a new schedule … Glad to be back commenting again.

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